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2020 Holiday News letter


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News for 2019

January 1st 2019- the 2018 revised adopted Reserve bylaws can now be found under Forms & Documents

At the Annual 2019 USV meeting held at the Hotel Gettysburg on Saturday, January 11th- our own commander, Gen. Lynch, collected funds for the wounded Warrior fund. In addition to a donation jar, Gen. Lynch contacted the famed Artist Mort Kunstler who donated a framed print entitled “Salute of Honor” a limited-edition print depicting Joshua Chamberlin at Appomattox Court House April 12, 1865. The print was personally signed by Kunstler and dedicated to the WW fund. Gen. Lynch sold raffle tickets for the print which was raffled off at the Dinner banquet on Saturday night.

News for 2020

The Covid virus that affected the nation in February 2020 had caused the cancellation of most events across the nation